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Jérôme Chappellaz

portrait Dr. Jérôme Chappellaz
Director of Climate team at LGGE

Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Geophysique de l'Environnement
CNRS and University of Grenoble
54 rue Moliere - Domaine Universitaire
FR-38400 St Martin d'Heres

Phone: +33 (0) 4 76 82 42 00
Fax: +33 (0) 4 76 82 42 01
E-mail: jerome(at)
URL Institution:
Phone: +33 (0) 4 76 82 42 00
Fax: +33 (0) 4 76 82 42 01
E-mail: jerome(at)
URL Institution:

Additional functions:
Formerly deputy-director of LGGE (2003-2008)
Head of the climate team at LGGE
Head of the French ice core consortium

Key Publications of Jérôme Chappellaz (up to ten) :
Loulergue L., Schilt A., Spahni R., Masson−Delmotte V., Blunier T., Lemieux B., Barnola J.M., Raynaud D., Stocker T.F. and Chappellaz J., Orbital and millennial−scale features of atmospheric CH4 over the last 800,000 years, Nature 453, 383-386, 2008.

Lourantou A., Lavric J.V., Köhler P., Barnola J.M., Michel E., Paillard D., Raynaud D. and Chappellaz J., A detailed carbon isotopic constraint on the causes of the deglacial CO2 increase, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, accepted, 2009.

Loulergue L., Parrenin F., Blunier T., Barnola J.M., Spahni R., Schilt A., Raisbeck G. and Chappellaz J., New constraints on the gas age-ice age difference along the EPICA ice cores, 0-50 kyr, Climate of the Past 3 (3), 527-540, 2007.

Bernard S., Röckmann T., Kaiser J., Barnola J.M., Fischer H., Blunier T. and Chappellaz J., Constraints on N2O budget changes since pre-industrial time from new firn air and ice core isotope measurements, Atmos. Chemistry and Physics 6, 493-503, 2006.

Blunier T., Chappellaz J., Schwander J., Dallenbach A., Stauffer B., Stocker T., Raynaud D., Jouzel J., Clausen H.B., Hammer C.U. and Johnsen S.J., Asynchrony of Antarctic and Greenland climate during the last glacial period, Nature 394, 739-743, 1998.

Expertise of Jérôme Chappellaz:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeScientific / Fundamental Research
Topic AtmosphereClimate
Topic CryosphereGlaciers
Topic Integrated SystemsCarbon Cycle
Spatial ScaleGlobal / Hemispheric
Time FramePast
Recent / Today
Time ScaleDecadal / Centennial
100 kyr
MethodsData Collection - Measurement
Data Analysis

Specialties of Jérôme Chappellaz:
Trace gases in firn air and ice cores

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